Lash Savvy

        If you are following me on Instagram I know you have seen me post a lot about my lash extensions. Seriously my friend Stephanie has turned me into a lash addict. But don't throw out all of your mascara just yet.       Last month Stephanie opened Lash Savvy  in Buckhead area of Atlanta,... Continue Reading →



    Every one loves getting packages in the mail and I think that's why all of these new subscription services are popping up. Well the latest one I have tried is called Rocksbox.  Rocksbox basically lets you borrow jewelry before you buy. You create an account select your favorite earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc and based... Continue Reading →

Daydreams become Reality

  In the summer of 2007 I had the privilege to intern at Turner Broadcasting System in their C.S.S.U. department. I learned so much about television and what all goes into the sports side of broadcasting. During college my goal was to be a sideline reporter or to work for ESPN because of my passion... Continue Reading →

#BehindtheBeat with Beat Face Honey

   This past February I had the opportunity to attend MUA Tatiana "Beat Face Honey" Ward's #BehindTheBeat class in downtown Atlanta. My friend Saborrah was the main reason I decided to attend the class. She is an aspiring blogger and MUA as well. We literally booked the class sitting on her couch on a random... Continue Reading →

YouTube ChannelĀ 

 I have decided to start doing YouTube tutorials. I feel that it is another way I can show you guys products and techniques I love. I always need ideas so feel free to comment on what you would like to see. The first two videos I have posted are instructional but I plan to make... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Concrete Jungle

I found this blog in my drafts from earlier this year!! I have no idea why I didn't post it but I wanted to share just so you guys can see how much has changed in just a few months......  Started off my New Year with a bang! I was so excited when I found... Continue Reading →

Blog Withdrawals

Hey guys! I know it's been 5 long months since my last post. Lots of fun updates coming this week. If you follow me on Instagram that's the easiest way to keep up with me day to day. But I will be back to my first love of blogging! I hope you guys are excited... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Wish List

Even though I'm not expecting anything for the 14th, this might help those who are looking for gift ideas or even those who need to send a hint! These are the five products I want to get my hands on and why. 1. Clarisonic Makeup Removal Expert Ok so I should let you guys know... Continue Reading →

Natural Beauty

My focus in 2015 is to wear less makeup & keep my skin looking young! I have noticed a major change since I've started wearing foundation and not in a good way. Also I'm getting closer to 30 & I have noticed new wrinkles. Oh the joys of aging. So I'm working on staying on... Continue Reading →

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